Yoga for Osteoporosis


Osteoporosis is the loss of density within the bones. The diagnosis of Osteoporosis is received when bones deteriorate to a certain level of low mass. Prior to reaching Osteoporosis levels is a diagnosis of Osteopenia.

In general, our bones strengthen until we reach about the age of 30, and then begin to reduce in density. Other than ageing, there are many factors that can contribute to loss of bone density such as menopause, lack of nutrients in the diet, smoking, anorexia, some breast cancer drugs and long-term use of HIV medication.

Of the many many benefits of the wonderful practise of yoga, the main things that are directly applicable to osteoporosis are:-

  • Improved posture – the strength and flexibility to hold oneself upright, countering the effects of spine deterioration
  • Increased body awareness – creating good habits and being aware enough within the body to remember to correct posture and engage certain muscles during daily life (it is a great thing to practise yoga once weekly, or for 30 minutes a day for example, but the benefits of incorporating yoga awareness into daily life are immeasurable
  • Enhanced sense of balance – the ability to stand on one leg reduces the risk of falling. It also strengthens the ankles, making falling less likely
  • Stronger wrists – using our hands to break a fall makes it less likely that a hip will be broken. You can find out more in the More Information section below.

If you have further requirements, aspirations or concerns, personalised videos and Skype / face-to-face sessions are available by contacting me here.

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The main risk of osteoporosis is of bone fracture. The fractures that most commonly occur as aa result of weaker bones are in the vertebrae. Unfortunately, once one vertebrae has fractured, a slumping or hunching is likely to occur, potentially leading to further vertebral fractures as the weight of the head pulls the spine forwards. The greater the hunching, the more likely the fractures and the more and more difficult to reverse.

Hip fractures are the second most common, and are the most lethal as, particularly with older folk, they become less and less likely to recover from.

Exercise is strongly recommended for anyone who has a reduction in bone density, particularly weight-bearing exercise. Yoga is the ideal prescription for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia for many ways, which I will describe shortly.

Thanks to studies, articles, an excellent book and an online course by Dr. Loren Fishman MD, I am qualified to apply the techniques and recommendations that have now been shown to increase muscle mass and thus bone density.

In the studies carried out by Dr. Loren Fishman, it was proven that 12 minutes of carefully selected yoga poses practised daily had the potential to reverse osteoporosis and osteopenia. I have created an easy-to-follow video for you to download here which incorporates these postures (and more) to allow you to benefit from this practise daily.

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