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Stephanie Bell

Yoga Instructor & Therapist

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I love yoga in a complete sense. It is such a vast science that it can be beneficial for all personality types, ages, energy levels, health issues, strengths and ambitions. I have been enjoying practising for over 20 years and it continues to be my main passion.

When teaching group classes, I like to make things as simple and accessible as possible. I give options within many of the poses to allow you to feel and choose what is most beneficial and enjoyable for your body in the moment. Whether the class is a dynamic full body flow, or a relaxing deep relax stretch and breathe class, I help people to be more present, to notice more and to be stronger and more resilient.

Private classes are particularly beneficial to work with a specific ailment or body challenge such as a bad back, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue or stress. Rather than prescribing a set series of postures, we work together to see if we can determine the cause and assess what your body is currently able to do, then I tailor a practise for you. This will then be modified and built upon as strength and freedom of movement improves.

Areas of specialisation include:

  • Yoga for osteoporosis
  • Yoga for back pain
  • Yoga for anxiety
  • Yoga for hormone balancing
  • Yoga for eating disorders
  • Pranayama / breath control
  • Transpersonal psychotherapy
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy

I am interested in freeing bodies and minds from unnecessary restrictions and limitations and helping people to live more.. to BE more!

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