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My Journey

My Yoga journey began when I was 21 and my body was so stiff that I could hardly touch my knees let alone my toes! I attempted to resolve this by going to my first Yoga class but was mortified that people 20 – 30 years older than me were so much more bendy… I scuttled away and bought my first yoga book, determined to sort myself out before I went to my next class.

The Sivananda Yoga book I was drawn to detailed way more than the physical postures (asanas); it also included Philosophy and Mantras and all sorts of diet and cleansing techniques. I was HOOKED and found myself practising practised as much as I could by book and by video (not always entirely safely – practising headstands from a book isn’t advisable! – but with such enthusiasm and vigour).

My first yoga teacher training was a couple of years after that in 2004 at The Life Centre in London. This was just to just to learn more (at that stage I wasn’t planning on being a yoga teacher). Following this I did another month-long training with Yoga Arts, and another month of training with an Iyengar teacher. Shortly after, in a very fortuitous sequence of events I met my teacher Clive Sheridan who teaches a powerful concoction of pranayama (breath / energy control), asana and direct reminders of how to let go of our limiting thoughts and behaviours. These are practises that REALLY made me feel vibrant and alive.

In 2011 I turned my back on my Corporate career while I was studying Psychotherapy. I started teaching Yoga at this time to focus on healing myself and others. When I qualified as a counsellor / therapist I continued teaching Yoga as I enjoy it so much.

How I see Yoga

There are infinite ways to approach, interpret and enjoy Yoga. All are valid if shared and approached with an open heart and mind.

The thousands of postures and variations of postures available mean that it is physically accessible to pretty much everyone. The detail in the postures, combined with breathing techniques allow for a temporary escape from our busy minds and a vibrancy that many people haven’t felt since childhood.

I find Yoga absolutely incredible – I have experienced and witnessed profound changes in physical and mental states of many many people through regular practise. When practised safely and with awareness, it gives incomparable awareness and wisdom for how to live more fully.

I see Yoga as I see people: complex, varied and magical. Yoga is a massive science encompassing every element of the seen and unseen World. We humans are not just what we present to the World; we are also a profoundly intricate bundle of thoughts, aspirations, dreams and insecurities. Our bodies hold memories of trauma and are tightened by age and also by emotionally protective layers. As Yoga is as multifarious as a human is, it can be applied to each individual in a completely unique way, allowing freedom from all restrictions.

Why I work the way I do

For over 7 years now I have worked with many private clients who have more often than not presented with a specific ailment or body challenge such as a bad back, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue or stress. Rather than ‘prescribing’ a set series of postures to them, I talk through and intuit why the issue has arisen, assess what their body can currently do and both then I tailor a practise for them.

We all have different energy levels, different motivators and respond to different cues. it is therefore most beneficial to have a yoga practise that is created to be sympathetic to individual requirements. This allows for maximum enjoyment, maximum physical benefit and maximum potential for BE-ing (freedom from comparing, judging or self-criticising).

I teach either in person or on-line and then the sequence can either be modified each session according to your needs in the moment, or made into a video and practised whenever.

Online classes work particularly well for the unmotivated, for those who would like to be corrected verbally and for those who would like their sessions to be shorter than an hour or do not want to travel.

Videos work particularly well for people who want or need to practise a shorter sequence several times a week (such as for osteoporosis). Videos are are also great for those who are motivated already and would benefit from a sequence (or sequences) designed specifically around your needs.

Face-to-Face classes are ideal for those who would prefer the physical presence of a caring teacher for an hour or longer. This option is dependant on location.

I love sharing Yoga and finding ways to help people to be more free in their bodies… to BE more!

Once you feel the increased freedom and reduced pain in your body then you too will be hooked!

Interested in working together?

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