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What do I do?

I help people to feel good. To have the strength and courage to be with whatever is happening in life, to invite your body and mind into this moment, and to enjoy some moments of being in your body.

I specialise in providing tailored tuition to help individuals use yoga to deal with challenges or ailments they may be facing. This can be online, face-to-face or through personalised video instruction.

Whatever the issues and challenges that life may throw your way, there is always an approach through Yoga (and therapy) that can assist and empower you through.

More about me

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Why Be More Yoga?

BE: The emphasis for this name is on BEING more rather than doing. Enjoying what IS rather than wasting energy lamenting over the past or worrying or longing for the future. Being = enjoying. Enjoying the very feeling of being alive. Freedom from physical, emotional and mental discomforts are some of the greatest gifts that yoga can bring. Life has gotten faster and faster with more technology to fill in all the moments. There is increasingly more demand on each of us to respond to everything and everyone immediately – all this allowing less and less time for us to just BE. Each moment that we give to ourselves to feel and deliberately breathe into our bodies is a gift that our bodies appreciate and respond to with more vibrancy and well-BEing.

MORE: Along with our ability to BE, in today’s busy world, the awareness of our bodies and emotional and energetic states can become lost. I give the space, the time and the helpful pointers for re-building that body-mind connection. BEING MORE present allows for us to listen to our needs and address any ailments, injuries, stresses or restrictions. To enjoy the process of freeing our bodies from restrictions, of relieving ourselves of stress and anxiety, of deepening our breath. To have MORE energy, MORE alertness MORE vibrancy…

YOGA: In my experience of practising as a yoga teacher and therapist for over 7 years, I have experienced YOGA to be complete as a science and as a way of freeing oneself of all restrictions, blockages and distractions. YOGA encompasses thousands of stretches, breathing techniques and methods of body and mind purification. The breadth and depth of this beautiful science allows for a perfectly tailored practise to completely suit you, whatever your starting point is.

The aim of BE MORE YOGA is to make yoga more accessible to every body. For the inflexible, for the resistant, for the unmotivated. For those in pain or who are carrying more weight than desired. For the tired, the short of time and the self-conscious. I want to make the wonderful, life-changing science of yoga welcoming, safe and enjoyable for everyone whether it be online, via a video, in person in a group class or one to one.

Client Testimonials

I got in contact with Stephanie when I was searching for a yoga therapist who specialised in osteoporosis. She was the only one I found in London with knowledge, experience and credentials around that specific condition.

Stephanie is a very knowledgeable yoga therapist and teacher and she is very conscious around contraindications. She is experienced and she takes into consideration medical issues in order to personalise the sessions and prevent injuries.

She is very encouraging and very supportive. Apart from seeing me face to face she has recorded a video with the routine as well which I find incredibly helpful and useful.

She talks you through the specific details mentioning how to position every part of your body and even reminding you how & when to breath, it is like she is in the room with you! I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone, even more so to anyone who wants to explore yoga for a specific physical issue and as a meaningful practice.


I used to see an osteopath regularly to ease lower back pain. I also saw a massage therapist on a regular basis, to ease stiffness and strain in the shoulders from too many hours at the desk. After several months of weekly yoga sessions with Stephanie, I no longer see an Osteopath. And I no longer need a massage therapist.

Another big bonus from my yoga practice with Stephanie — due to increased flexibility around the waist and hip, my Golf swing has markedly improved. I can hit longer than before, and without the next-day lower back strain.

Stephanie is able to tailor our yoga practice to my lifestyle needs, and taking into account some old sporting injuries of mine. I look forward each week to yoga!

Andreas M., 51 years old, Financial Services Professional

Stephanie is a delight to work with. She is always attentive to the needs of my body and calibrates the pace and tone of our weekly practice to suit.

Stephanie tailors our yoga practice to complement my gym work-outs, so that I am able to combine the benefits of functional training on the gym floor with yoga’s holistic approach to the body. After working with Stephanie now for close to three years, both my flexibility and strength are vastly improved. I attribute to our regular practice, that I am much more aware now of my posture (indeed I stand taller), I feel more limber and have greater ease of movement, and I no longer suffer from tense and sore shoulders/upper back.

I recommend Stephanie wholeheartedly to anyone seeking to experience the benefits of yoga practice. Stephanie is a dedicated, professional and empathetic yoga teacher.

Agnes C., 52 years old, Homemaker

I started yoga with Stephanie in early 2014, at a time when I was recovering from a serious illness and needed a boost to my confidence. Fast forward two years and I am amazed at how well I feel and what my body can do! Stephanie has helped me to develop a practice of yoga which draws on the ashtanga sequence while also being tailored to my particular needs. I am now fitter, stronger and more confident, and have found the experience enormously empowering. I cannot recommend Stephanie highly enough.

Rachel K, Lawyer

I have been suffering from slipped disc, hip joints pains and other injuries for most of my adult life. My wonderful osteopath recommended yoga some years ago and I tried several different types with a varying degrees of improvements, until friends have introduced me to Yin Yoga class run by Stephanie two years ago. I have not seen my osteopath since!

I am forever grateful for the deep relaxation classes that have improved my quality of life and continue to transform the soul and mind – thank you!

Aga J – Faculty Relationship Manager



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