Personalised Yoga Videos

Yoga videos created especially for you, downloadable so you can practise any time…

A personalised video is wonderful to ensure that when you would like to practise alone, that your sequence is full of postures that are most beneficial to you. I give detailed and precise instructions to ensure that you gain the maximum benefits from each posture.

Videos are especially good for people who want or need to practise a shorter sequence several times a week (such as for osteoporosis). Videos are are also great for those who are motivated already and would benefit from a sequence (or sequences) designed specifically around your needs.

After an initial face-to-face and / or Skype consultation to ensure that my instructions are clear to you and so that I am clear as to which poses are the most beneficial to you, I can create a video of a length that fits into your schedule.

You can download the videos to your phone, tablet or computer to practise any time.


From 15 to 45 mins long


Start at £60

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